*Answers from Angels* 


       Eva Sullivan

Hello, Thank you for your interest in Answers from Angels. It is my pleasure to offer my services.

My work is to connect you with your Angels and Guides that are protecting you. Your Angels and Guides wish to telepathically communicate information, helping you attain answers to life's questions. Their goal is to alleviate fear and misunderstanding, bringing Miracles into the lives we are here to complete. All of what You are can be enhanced, transitioned and enlightened by listening to your Angels and Guides. The White Light is the essence of Our Source and Angels offer us Love from Source, helping us to attain our desires and goals. Please contact me if you would like a reading or energy work in the ever expanding clarity of who You are as well as those around you.

Love & Light, Eva


Contact Eva: AnswersfromAngels@gmail.com



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